Ninja Fruit Strain Review

Cannabis comes in all kinds of different strains. Everyone has their preference and we all enjoy trying new products out. Here, we’re going to go into detail about Ninja Fruit and everything it entails. If you’re curious, then don’t be afraid to continue on!

An Introduction To Ninja Fruit

A mix between grapefruit haze and grape ape, the two strains combined create a fruity scent. It soothes the mind and is extremely relaxing. The body also gets to feel the full, relaxing effects. It has a marvellous taste, and the after-taste isn’t bad, either. If you’re new to smoking cannabis or see yourself as still pretty raw, then it can be a great beginner strain. For those who are somewhat experienced, it can also be a fantastic product.

If you’re looking for a mild high, then this might be the perfect strain for you. Those of you looking to get extremely high and to feel a huge sensation will likely enjoy one of the many other products on the market. With fruit ninja, you’re going to enjoy a milder high with a balance that provides a fairly gentle level of intoxication – as long as it’s used properly and sensible, of course.

In terms of its contents, Fruit Ninja contains 15% THC. This is pretty tame in a time where cannabis strains are upwards of 30%. 1% is attributed to CBD. Sativa and Indica are both at 50%.   

The Flavors!

The Ninja Fruit strand has tastes of black cherry, citrus, smooth, and sweet. 

How Does It Help Us? 

This particular strand has been known to help customers out in a multitude of ways. Firstly, it relaxes us and provides us with much-needed anxiety relief. It’s also amazing for those struggling with their appetite. Chronic pain and inflammation are also helped out hugely with this particular product. 

How Best To Grow 

Ninja fruit is great for novice growers as it is pretty low maintenance. It can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors – though the most popular option is indoor as not many people are given the opportunity to do it outside. While indoors, the strain should flower in around eight-to-nine weeks. It will typically yield around 12-13 ounces per square meter. This obviously depends entirely on the grower’s ability and how well everything is kept. 

Once you get a hold of some Ninja Fruit seeds, you’ll be pretty set as it’s a very good growing option for novices looking to improve their growing skills. It’s best to grow in a warm climate where sudden temperature changes are not around. 

Ninja fruit will need to be given plenty of nutrients as it grows – especially during the vegetative stage of its life cycle. It should have a pretty high nitrogen level that will then be reduced when the plants actually begin to bloom. 

The Aroma And Taste Of Fruit Ninja

It has a high terpene content – it’s very rich and has a fruity scent (hence the name), so this is proof of that. After the buds are ground, it’s easy to notice the combination of spicy and sweet, fruity musk. While there is somewhat of a sour taste to it, the sweetness will most likely override anything else. The sour flavor is more prominent during the exhale of it all. It has round, dark green nugs interspersed with orange pistils. 

The Benefits 

The good thing about Ninja Fruit is that its popularity is not going anywhere. It’s a very popular choice for recreational users that are looking for a mild high. Beginners and intermediates will enjoy this particular strand very much. It’s not only for recreational purposes, those in need of Medical Marijuana get to enjoy the medical benefits without going too overboard on the drug. While it’s not the best for those with extremely chronic pain, it still does a hell of a job and provides a lot of relief for those with similar issues. If mild to medium pain is a prominent symptom of any problems you’re struggling with, then Fruit Ninja might just be perfect for you. 

Possible Side Effects

Much like with all strands, there will be a few minor side effects here. They will be very mild, however. The likes of a dry mouth and dry eyes can happen with Fruit Ninja. Every now and again, those with low THC tolerance may receive a little dizziness or headaches. Again, this is rare, though. 

Fruit Ninja does not cause heightened anxiety or paranoia for those with an average to high THC tolerance. 


Fruit Ninja might be the perfect strain if you’re looking to receive a mild intoxication. It doesn’t provide an intense feeling, so if you’re chasing that kind of high, then you’ll have to find another product. It smells and tastes great, so you won’t have to worry too much about acquiring it over time. It has been said that it can make you feel on top of the world for the time you spend with it, which is always what we like to hear. As mentioned before, medical patients will likely use it in order to improve symptoms and put themselves in a much better psychological mood. 

For those looking to start out, it’s an excellent beginner. It’s also used by more than experienced growers, too, as it behaves well and yields a healthy number. All in all, it’s a tremendous strain and you absolutely would not regret bringing it home. We always want a consistent and reliable product, and this provides just that. 

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